Dexsion Builders

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Project Brief - Branding & Identity

Dexsion Builders is a construction company that has more than 20 years of experience in both Singapore and Malaysia. Since their establishment, they have steadfastly held on to their values of sincerity, and treat every client and every project with sincerity and integrity.

With a grand plan of expanding the company to other parts of Southeast Asia, Dexsion Builders was looking to rebrand themselves, and to create a company profile that relates to more stakeholders. Noid partnered with Dexsion Builders in this venture, understanding their history and values, and helped to reposition the company to appeal to the global market.

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  • ClientDexsion Builders Pte Ltd
  • IndustryCivil and Constructions
  • ServicesLogo Design, Brand Identity, Company Profile, Website Development